Advertising Week 2020 Recap: 4 key trends to take with you

Advertising Week

The first-ever virtual Advertising Week gave attendees a glimpse into the future of storytelling. Innovation is driving communication, and brands who give their audiences more engaging experiences across all their devices will be the ones leading the way into this brave new advertising world.

Missed the action at this year’s event? Get up to speed on the 4 biggest advertiser trends featured throughout the week, or watch a replay of our sessions at any time here.

All the channels, all the time

Marketers should take advantage of a unified solution that is truly omnichannel: from mobile to connected TV, immersive experiences like AR, and real-world applications from out of home to point of purchase— you can hit every part of the funnel and track your campaigns across this multifaceted universe.

Each channel becomes more powerful when you marry them with rich and transparent data sets. You should know everything about what  you’re buying, where you’re buying, and how effective it is in the simplest terms  so you can move fast and engage with consumers through personal branding.

Marketers should seek a unified platform that provides a single point of entry from which they can create segments for planning and buying in every medium. When you have that, you can more effectively measure those segments, pivot strategies quickly and leverage insights across channels for holistic campaign optimization.

Get tuned into Programmatic CTV

Connected TV adoption was already surging before the global pandemic limited many of us to at-home entertainment. The number of pay-TV households is in free-fall – from a high of 105 million in 2010 to just under 83 million today – as consumers connect to the idea of watching high-quality programming wherever and whenever they want.

Despite this shift, CTV ad spend accounts for only 2% of budgets. Programmatic CTV represents an enormous untapped opportunity for advertisers, especially given that only 57% of CTV ad inventory is purchased programmatically (vs. 84% of mobile and 78% of desktop). This means that Programmatic CTV inventory is available with lower than normal floor CPMs right now, while broadcast CPMs are increasing. The current lack of fully developed demand creates opportunity for early adopters and great results for brands smart enough to take advantage.

Of course, the value of CTV advertising won’t remain a secret for long. In fact CTV programmatic video ad spending specifically has increased by 35.3% YoY and is forecasted to grow another 59.2% in 2021. The moment for CTV programmatic has arrived.

Think outside the billboard with DOOH

Wherever your audience goes, there you are with a smart Digital Out Of Home strategy. DOOH is still in its nascent stages in terms of campaign adoption, but we believe the majority of out of home inventory will be digital in the next three years. The opportunity is now to go outside your comfort zone and explore Programmatic DOOH.

On average, DOOH campaigns drive a 14.5% increase in sales lift, compared to only 8% for traditional static out of home signage.  A recent study shows 88% of consumers believe Digital Out of Home proves more helpful in making purchase decisions, meaning these metrics will continue to trend up for marketers.

If you are a brave advertiser or brand, this is the perfect time for you to start to test and innovate. The stakes are not as high. There’s availability. The CPMs are low. And the creativity is pretty limitless. If you begin to understand how to maximize this space now, you’ll be in a very advantageous position by the time the pandemic ends. Digital of Out of Home is about to pop— it’s going to become a crucial part of campaigns going forward.

In a world of distraction, immersive gets attention

Media consumption is at an all-time high. In order to break through, brands and publishers must create new, compelling experiences for audiences. Research tells us the vast majority of consumers notice and better recall brands that use new technologies to tell stories, giving you permission to innovate.

The bar has been raised for e-commerce, driven by heightened consumer expectations around their digital shopping experience. With 90% of consumers saying they’ll shop online this holiday season, personal selling advertisers must be helpful, captivating, and ready to provide instant value.

Look for high-context environments and rich native placements, more personalized ad experiences powered by deep data insights, and dynamic creative driven by AR and VR technology to tell your story in ways that can’t be ignored.

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