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A good way to spark interest and entice visitors to convert is by teasing them with a sneak peek of solid content. Unless they hand over their email or take some sort of action you choose, they won’t have access to this piece of content known as gated content. This can be in the form of blog posts, videos, checklists, webinars, and more.

When you run a membership site, you rely on gated content to grow your business. It can help your website and business attract more leads, further its reach and visibility, and build relationships with new subscribers by offering them value.

To decrease the chance of annoying visitors by presenting them with restricted content, make sure you already have a substantial amount of visitors and traffic coming to your website. If your business isn’t at the right growth rate, gated content will only frustrate and turn off visitors, pushing them to exit and go somewhere else.

You also want to make sure you’re always offering valuable content not just as a teaser, but for free without exchanging anything. This will show you’re sincere in your efforts to help your audience solve their problems.

Let’s dive into a few tips for you to use gated content to boost conversions and keep visitors happy.

Gate content at the right time

It wouldn’t be wise to start a brand new website and lock all your content, nor would it be wise to do so when you haven’t gained enough traction. If your website does not yet acquire a significant amount of monthly leads and organic traffic, it isn’t time to start gating content. To ensure that your strategy is successful, you have to gate your content at the right time to the right set of visitors.

To do this, find out what stage your visitors are at in your conversion funnel.

You can’t gate content at the top of the funnel when visitors are discovering your brand, exploring what you have to offer, and contemplating if you’re worth revisiting. They should be anywhere in the middle or towards the end of their buyer’s journey when they come across gated content. In order to give users a sense of urgency that tells them they have to take the action you present to them, you first need to create motivation inside them. The best way to do this is to create high-quality, valuable content.

The Wall Street Journal, which sells more than two million copies of their newspaper daily, gates its content successfully because they already have a large, steady following. Consumers are already familiar with their brand and are willing to subscribe for a membership because they trust the publication.

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